Place to visit in Asansol

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If you take a look at the history here, then this city was known as "Asensol" in earlier times and it is now known as Asansol, do you know the Dravidians started living here first? It was almost here that you will see activities related to Jainism from 2500 years ago, most of the Jain Tirthankars lived here.

It is believed by the people of the city of Asansol that it is a part of the empire of Vishnupur, the people living here also speak Bengali language and also speak English language and the people here treat each other with love and respect. They do it and people here follow their caste religion and everyone is peacefully involved.

It is the most special thing in the city of Asansol, it is traded on a large scale and is the commercial center here which is the fastest growing place in India and what to say about the economy here.

This city is at the 11th place in India, in addition it is dependent on the major steel coal excavation here and the industry and railways here.You will find beautiful temples to roam here, which is the heritage of this place, along with it you should forget to see the parks here. But there is a swing and a lot of sports. Here the magnificent river on whose banks big trees which you will see where we have come… is the city of Asansol which is situated between two rivers. This Damodar river and Ajay river tourist routes will surprise you so that you will get full entertainment.

A Look at Asansol - A Look at the Culture of West Bengal

The culture here is priceless and the residents here are very fond of music and they are also very fond of dancing. Here in Asansol, for cultural program lovers, most cultural programs have a lot of functions here. Where the faith center of the Dravidian style and the city style is a good accompaniment of the Dravidian style.

The festival of Asansol is different

Friends, any festival here, whether it is a small festival or a big one, celebrates with joy and grandeur. Durga Puja festival is celebrated here from all over the country and this festival is a symbol of culture and civilization here. People here are able to see the goddess of Durga and the decorations of all the temples here, this festival is celebrated like Diwali. In which people dance and sing in large numbers, many festivals are celebrated here and Kali Puja Naba Brasho Charak Puja is many types of worship.

Kalyaneshwari Devi Temple where all wishes come true

There is also a temple of Mother Kalyaneshwari Devi, which is a well-known temple here, where there is a huge crowd of devotees here, which is not far from Asansol and it is built near Maithon dam, people are taking great expectation here. They come to beg the mother, who is situated a religious place on the border of Jharkhand.

Major tourist places in Asansol

Among the major tourist places of Asansol, the most peaceful is the Sacred Heart Church, which has been built with the help of Birtisho, here all the material for its construction is from the British people. This entire church is built in British style with red color and orange brick which shows the burnt appearance and white cross is displayed for rustle here. The path of this church is very unconcerned because of the road you find here. Go to see the decorations.